Your body is perfect as it is, and there is nothing more important than dressing in such a way that you feel as confident as possible. You deserve to stay the hell out of you and your vacation.

All About Trendy Fashion in plus size Clothing

It’s not impossible to buy around the world, but it’s not always easy. Fat people are in every country! But not every country has easily accessible clothing stores of all sizes, so it’s worth taking the time to plan exactly what you pack so you don’t get caught.

Make the right foundations
(If you have time to read part of this article, do it!)
The other three things are a sacred trio of oversized travel packages, I promise they can make you or ruin your trip. Underwear, love or hate, just don’t skip thinking if you plan to catch something.

Improper underwear that can be uncomfortable, such as bras that are worn in hot weather or panties that do not leave you moving, can completely distract you from your best holiday life.

Raise your hands when you swell in hot weather like me? Breathable and moisture wicking underwear is your best friend for comfort, cooling and helps prevent skin irritation that occurs in hot and humid environments.

Applying abrasion creams, baby powder and even deodorant to potentially affected areas can help, but for the scariest foot rubbing, I decided to wear thin biker-style cotton shorts under my skirt and clothes. Find the color that best suits your skin color when you think about what they show (but don’t worry, my shorts are envied by other great travelers around the world!)

We have found that traveling usually means more movement and more movement means more work for your feet. Take it from a fat woman who has not grabbed the right supportive shoes and has spent months recovering from painful plantar fasciitis, the shoes matter!

Walking sandals are my travel shoe now. They offer great support, are always water friendly (during all your island jumps) and will take you anywhere on land. All this like lightness and allowing the feet to breathe. There are even brands like Chaco and Teva that mix all high-tech styles, so there’s no excuse to run around flip flops.

Shopping for big size clothes is difficult at best, increased travel, new activities and an unfamiliar climate mix and can be stressful. Take the time to plan what you need, what you need to work on, and decide if there are pieces you need to get rid of.

Plan all the activities you want to do, such as the ones you want to try so you can wrap them up. It can be anything from a delicious dinner and a trip to snorkeling or hiking! This will help you realistically plan how many “specialized” clothes you will need.

Length of time
Schedule no more than a week of clothing! One of the biggest mistakes of travelers is changing diapers. Basically, you wear it all over several times, and if you leave for more than a week, you want to wash.

See local customs
Sometimes you have to cover your shoulders, knees and hair or take off your shoes to respect local religions and customs. Make sure you know in advance what you can expect to avoid difficult times.

A friend and I visited a beautiful old mosque in Kuala Lumpur this year. I researched and found that I had to cover myself, my friend, who was wearing shorts, was asked upon arrival to wear a cover of one size, but because of the wear and tear I deserve, I don’t do it. you have to take care of customization!

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