What is the first thing that comes to your thoughts when you hear the word “slot game? Most people think of bright lights and bells ringing inside the Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino. At first the machines were constructed of heavy cast iron which made them hard to move around and put in.

In 1907 Charles Fey partnered with Mills Novelty Company and produced the first line of slot machines, such as The Liberty Bell, which is called the grandfather of all slot machines. This opened the doorway to advanced, technologically sophisticated machines in which millions of gamblers put millions of dollars.

It is a fact that the Slot Game is Constantly Being Redesigned

In the following years the machines were upgraded, there were numerous improvements added to machines which included lightweight materials, which made them more transportable. Other improvements included replacement of the heavier iron structure with a wooden cabinet which made moving and delivering the game more simple. In the same period certain games at casinos were revamped with mini-themed themes like patriotic, wildlife and more.

The changes the machines underwent with the vivid themes and colors were great however younger players were looking for something more difficult and a skill-based. For a brief period, the slot game lost popularity. Then, the shifts in the generations that seemed to bring the machines back to prominence occurred just following the recession. The changes included video poker as well as video slot machines that were found in gambling areas such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

In 1964 an electromechanical machine came out that replaced the internal levers and springs with electronic components. This led to the brighter lighting and sound effects. Since then, continuous advancements have been added to the casino slot machine.

Since the introduction of online casinos, internet-based slot machines are now hugely well-known. They offered something not even table games can offer the chance of winning 100 times the amount you put in.

A few people who have not been to traditional casinos to play and experience the thrill are delighted to know that casino software companies continue to improve the game of slots. There have been a few variations to the online game however there are many developments in the pipeline, for instance, replacing the term slot machine by Video Gaming Device also known as Electronic Gaming Device and is also creating a joystick which can be used to aid in the authenticity online. Casinos also believe that a coin-less slot is a great ideasince they’d have fewer employees working for them.

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